Features and benefits of Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word  2010 preview window

Microsoft Word 2010 preview window

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Microsoft Word 2010 helps you with your job offering the best for all the possible situations: enhanced features to create documents of professional quality, easier ways to collaborate with other users and access files from almost anywhere.

Word 2010 is designed to provide the best tools for formatting documents. It also helps you organize and write your documents even more easily and efficiently, and to keep your documents at your fingertips so you can capture and express your best ideas whenever and wherever you are.

Create visually compelling documents faster than ever

Word 2010 offers a number of new and improved tools that will make your work look more professional thanks to its well-thought design and will help you highlight the most important content.

Add attractive effects to format your work (such as gradient fills and reflections), such as some document text. Many of the effects that were already usable in images, charts, and SmartArt graphics can now also be applied to text and shapes

Microsoft Office 2010 3D Text effects WordArt


Use new and improved picture editing tools, including appealing artistic effects and advanced color and image correction tools and cut utilty, that let you fine-tune every picture in your document to achieve the best quality of work possible.

Microsoft Office Word 2010 artistic effects


Save time and simplify your work

Microsoft Word 2010 provides the best tools that help you save up time and simplify your job.

Find your way even easier than before thanks to the improved Navigation Pane tools and Search. These new features facilitate exploration, search, and even help reorganize document content on one simple panel.


Office 2010 Search DocumentWord 2010 Navigation Pane








Recover draft versions of files that you closed without saving. The version recovery feature is just one of many new features available from the new Microsoft Office Backstage view. The traditional File menu in all the Office 2010 applications was replaced with the Backstage view which provides a centralized, organized space for all the document management tasks.


Microsoft Office Word 2010 Backstage View


Easily customize the improved Ribbon to obtain better access to the commands you need the most. Create your custom tabs with all the commands that your job demands.

Work simultaneously with more people

Word 2010 has the tools that you need to work with other people on the same documents and projects at the same time.


Microsoft Office Word 2010 Edit at the same time

Now, using new co-authoring capabilities, you can edit the same document at the same time with other team members at different locations. You can even communicate instantly while you work, directly from Word itself.


Microsoft Office Word 2010 Co-Authoring